Who I am

Who I am

Ramon Verdaguer was born in Girona Spain in 1956 and has dedicated many years of his life to his passion, “the world of scuba diving”.

Ramon obtained a masters degree in Chemical Engineering and worked for more than 12 years in the private sector before devoting himself fully to the world of scuba diving. He is a certified trainer for scuba instructors, examiner and course director of several disciplines on this subject.

A tireless traveler, occasional writer, speaker and a good communicator, has spent over eighteen years as a consultant for scuba diving resorts and scuba diving schools.
In recent years he has served at Head Spain, the import company for Spain, Andorra and Portugal for Mares, leading manufacturer worldwide of diving products. Under his leadership, the Technical Support and After Sales Departments of this company underwent a major turnaround and significant improvement.

Currently he works as an external consultant for Head Spain with the responsibility to direct the technical training program “Mares Lab” in Southern Europe.
Ramon is also the founder of Subzero, a consulting company specialized in underwater related subjects as well as in scuba diving instruction. He uses in his classes the latest and most prestigious internationally recognized techniques and methods, as well as the development of a very important certified formation in first aid, the use of external defibrillators, oxygen therapy and prevention of diving accidents.

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